Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dimba's Chicken and Seafood

My wife and I always look forward to our trips back to the South Plains.  This area is home for both of us, so we always enjoy getting to see family and old friends.  We also enjoy getting to eat at restaurants in the area.  Being a fat kid at heart, I often insist on visiting some of my favorite restaurants before we even see my family.  One of our favorites is Dimba's Chicken and Seafood.
Menu has many items that should appeal to everyone
I know from experience that they have really good fried chicken and catfish, but my favorite menu item is their fried whitefish.   I ordered the seven piece Southern-fried white fish plate and my wife ordered the five piece batter-fried white fish plate.  Both plates come with fries, two hush puppies, and a hot puff (fried biscuit).  The fish was really good this visit, as were the fries and hush puppies.  One of the real treats here are the hot puffs.  They are fried goodness and taste amazing when smothered with honey.  My wife and I have even been known to split a dozen for dessert.
Southern-Fried White Fish Plate
Batter-Fried White Fish Plate
I have never left this restaurant hungry and this visit was no exception.  Dimba's is one of my favorite places to get fried seafood in the state of Texas.  In addition to serving up great seafood, the fried chicken is well above average as well.  Prices are reasonable and the portions are large here.  They have two locations in Lubbock, so if you are in Lubbock then you are probably not far away from one of them.

Dimba's Chicken and Seafood
Livin the Good Life Rating = 4
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