Monday, July 8, 2013

Herd's Hamburgers

This has to be one of the oldest burger joints in the state.
On a recent trip to the Lubbock area for a wedding, my family and I were passing through Jacksboro around lunch time.  My wife and I had both skipped breakfast because we were packing up the truck.  Knowing that we can both get extremely cranky when were are hungry, we decided to grab a bite to eat at Herd's Hamburgers.  We had never eaten there before, but several friends of mine have recommended this burger joint.
My girls awaiting their burgers
Herd's does not have much on their menu.  It is what I call a "no-frills" burger joint.  You can have a burger of some sort, a ham and cheese sandwich, or a grilled cheese.  They don't serve fries or tater tots, but they do have several different chips to choose from.  Seating inside consists of some old school desks along the wall.  They also have a couple of picnic tables outside.  I ordered the double meat-double cheese, my wife ordered the cheeseburger, and my daughter ordered the grilled cheese.  After ordering we picked up our chips and drinks as we made our way outside to one of the picnic tables.  Our order arrived very quickly and we dug in.  My double meat-double cheese was fantastic.  The patty was freshly made from a big pile of hamburger meat sitting on the grill.   It was perfectly seasoned, not overly greasy, and very filling.  My wife really enjoyed her burger as well.
Double Meat-Double Cheeseburger
After eating here, I can understand why so many people enjoy this place.  We were only there for about 20 minutes and close to thirty people were in and out while we were there.  I usually prefer fries or tots with my burger, but I can live without them when a burger is this good.  They have been making burgers for 97 years and it is easy to see why.  This was unquestionably one of the top 10 burgers I have ever had and I will eat here again!  

Herd's Hamburgers
400 North Main St.
Jacksboro, TX
Livin The Good Life Rating = 4
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