Saturday, October 12, 2013

Casa Rita's Mexican Grill

My wife and I really enjoy eating Mexican food, but usually go to one of our four favorites; Pappasito's, Uncle Julios's, Abuelo's, or Cantina Laredo.  I haven't blogged about a new place I have tried, because we generally eat at the same places we always do.  Old habits die hard, but we finally decided to try a place in Frisco called Casa Rita's Mexican Grill.  It is located on Preston Road (they also have a location in Fort Worth) and we decided to give it a shot after work one day.
Casa Rita's has a large patio area and the dining area has several televisions all tuned to sports channels.  When you first walk in, it has a Southwestern sports bar feel to it.  While looking over the menu, we decided to start with a bowl of queso.  The Livin the Good Life Wife and I almost always get queso when we at Mexican food joint.  We hold it in such high esteem, that we think it should be it's own food group.  They also brought out some chips and salsa with the queso.  The queso was good, but not outstanding.  I prefer thin and crispy chips and these chips did not disappoint.  The salsa was outstanding.  It wasn't very spicy, but was bursting with flavors.  The flavor that stood out the most was cilantro, but it wasn't overpowering.
Baja Tacos
For my entree, I elected to get the Baja tacos.  The Baja tacos were crispy fried tilapia with spicy cole slaw in a crispy taco.  It was served with black beans and rice.  I really liked the spicy cole slaw, but the tilapia was a little too "fishy" tasting for me.  The beans were great too, but the rice was unremarkable.  My wife chose to get the brisket tacos, which were also served with the spicy cole slaw and avocado.  She gave me one to try and I was impressed.  They were some of the best brisket tacos I have had the pleasure of inhaling.  The brisket was smoked perfectly and was actual brisket, as opposed to what you normally get at Mexican food restaurants.  The fresh tortillas complimented the brisket well.
Brisket Tacos
Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Casa Rita's.  It had some hits, including the salsa and the brisket tacos.  It also had some misses, such as the Baja tacos and queso.  This place was better than your average Mexican food joint and will be worthy of another visit by me.

Casa Rita's Mexican Grill
Livin The Good Life Rating = 3

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