Sunday, October 6, 2013


Brunch may be my favorite meal.  Eating brunch is like getting the best of both breakfast and lunch.  The only problem with brunch, is the fact that a fat kid like me feels that they have to eat an entire breakfast portion and an entire lunch portion.  If they also have dessert, then I am really hurting by the time it is done.  I had been told that Gather, in downtown McKinney, serves a mighty fine brunch.  My family and my in-laws decided to "gather" at Gather for brunch following our church service last Sunday.  
Dining Room at Gather
Gather only serves Sunday brunch.  During the rest of the week, it hosts events such as weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners, etc.  We arrived a few minutes after 11:00 and were seated immediately.  After ordering coffee, I helped myself to the brunch buffet.  They had several items on the buffet that looked quite tasty and I regretted that I did not have enough room on my plate to get a little of everything on the first trip.  
Selfie of the girls while the men were in line.
With my first plate, I helped myself to some eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, chicken fried steak, and some chicken enchiladas.  The eggs were pretty basic, but everything else was absolutely wonderful.  The bacon was extremely crispy, the biscuits had great texture, the chicken fried steak had been fried in a tasty batter, and the gravy was very good with just the right amount of pepper.  The best item I tried on my first trip was the chicken enchilada.  It was one of the best I have ever had and was cooked with a top notch tomatillo sauce.
My first plate included eggs, biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, bacon, and an excellent enchilada.
During my second trip, I had to get more enchiladas and chicken fried steak, but I also got mashed potatoes, Eggs Benedict, and a large portion of the Pecan French toast casserole.  Again, everything on this plate was amazing.  The best thing on this plate, besides the chicken enchiladas, was the Pecan French toast casserole.  It was very rich, but the ingredients mixed together perfectly.  
Dessert plate with dessert bars, pineapple muffin, Pecan French toast casserole, and a Key Lime tart
Next, I had to try the dessert bar.  They had several choices and, once again, I tried to get a little bit of everything.  The pineapple muffin and dessert bars were terrific, but they fell well short of the greatness of the key lime tart.  The key lime tart got an A+ in my book and was the perfect ending to the meal.  I was too full to try the pecan pie, but my wife and mother-in-law said it was terrific.  

I ate so much for brunch, that I actually was still full seven hours later.  My family loved this place too.  I did not hear complaints from anyone and my wife loved the beautiful setting of the dining room.  After trying some lackluster restaurants lately, we were very pleased with our dining experience at Gather and anxiously await our next visit.

Livin the Good Life Rating = 4

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