Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hard Eight BBQ

I have been neglecting my favorite cuisine the last few weeks.  Inexplicably I haven't been to a barbecue joint in several weeks.  When I neglect my desire to consume barbecue, I start getting withdrawal symptoms that would make a crack addict cry.  I finally couldn't take it any more, so I got in my truck and drove to meet my brother at Hard Eight BBQ.

Hard Eight has three locations, but I always go to the one in Coppell because it is closest to my house.  You will not find find this restaurant on the Texas Monthly Top 50 Barbecue Joints list, but it is one of my local favorites.  In addition to your typical barbecue meats, they also have one of the best pork chops in DFW, chicken poppers, and shrimp poppers.  The behemoth pork chops are two inches thick and have a nice smoky flavor.  The poppers are bacon wrapped chicken or shrimp bites with jalapeño and onion.  Hard Eight has several impressive side dishes, but their complimentary beans are hard to pass up.  
The menu pit
On this particular visit, I ordered sliced brisket, turkey, ribs, and chicken brush poppers.  Although the brisket was lacking in the bark area, it was moist and had a very nice smoky flavor.  The turkey was very moist as well and all but melted in your mouth.  The ribs were smoked very well on this visit and had a particularly tasty rub on them.  Last but certainly not least, the chicken poppers were phenomenal.  They chicken was tender, the jalapeño and onion gave them a nice kick, and the bacon that surrounded them was crispy perfection.  I also had a small bowl of their free beans and they are hard to beat for the price.
Ribs, brisket, turkey, and chicken poppers
I have chowed down at Hard Eight BBQ several times and I have never been disappointed.  I can't speak for the other locations, but the one in Coppell serves up some very tasty barbecue.  Texas Monthly may not have included Hard Eight in their top 50, but I actually prefer it to three  of the DFW joints that made their list; Meshack's, Bartley's, and Cousin's.  In addition to the great barbecue, I am also a fan of their hand cut french fries, jalapeño cream corn, and desserts.  If you are in the Coppell area, I recommend a stop at Hard Eight BBQ.

Hard Eight BBQ
Livin the Good Life Rating= 3

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