Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Salad Stop

Believe it or not, I actually love to eat salads.  During the work week, I make my own salad to take to work almost every day.  I can't eat steak, barbecue, burgers, etc. for every meal and expect to fit through doors with ease.  I like to mix up my dressings and ingredients so my salads are not bland and monotonous.   Even when I go out to eat, I will often order salad.

I had a very short amount of time to eat lunch the other day and I had not been able to fix my lunch at home, so I decided to venture out and try The Salad Stop in Frisco.  This place has many different varieties of salads on their menu.  They also have soups, pastas, and baked potatoes.  With the salad, you get the choice of having it tossed or chopped.  The Salad Stop reminded me of a Chipotle for salads.  They start making the one you order and will add any additional ingredients you request.
Salad Assembly Line and Dining Area
I decided to get a tossed Chicken Caesar salad.  After going through the line and paying, I sat down to dig in.  The romaine lettuce was very crisp and the salad had plenty of Parmesan cheese.  Unfortunately, the Caesar dressing  and tiny little croutons was very bland.  The chicken was perhaps the worst I have ever had on a salad.  It was not the grilled chicken one comes to expect from Chicken Caesar salads.  Instead it was small cubed pieces of what tasted like chicken lunch meat.
Chicken Caesar Salad (Bonus points if you can spot the tiny pieces of chicken)
I can't speak for the pastas, potatoes, and soups, but I was very disappointed in the salad I had.  The salad was bland and tasted like some that I have had at fast food restaurants.  At a price exceeding eight dollars, I felt that I had severely overpaid for the quality I received.  I highly doubt I will be going back to The Salad Stop in the near future.

The Salad Stop
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