Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zoli's NY Pizza

Pizza and barbecue are my foodie guilty pleasures, so I am always looking for a good place to grab some brisket or a pizza.  My wife and I recently dined at Cane Rosso and really liked this Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant.  After dining at Cane Rosso, I heard that the owner, Jay Jerrier, had recently opened a New York style pizzeria called Zoli's NY Pizza.  It just so happened that my brother and I were recently in the vicinity of the Bishop Arts District, so we decided to pop into Zoli's and give it a try.
Pizza Counter and Dining Area
At Zoli's, you can order whole pies or just pizza by the slice.  My brother decided to get two slices of pepperoni.  I ordered the Zoli's $10 Lunch Special, which included a slice, salad, garlic knot, and a drink.  For my slice, I chose the Grandma slice, which is a square deep dish pizza.  I also chose the Caesar salad over the house salad.
Lunch Special
We were only seated a couple of minutes when our food arrived.  I started with the Caesar salad and was pleased with it.  The Romaine lettuce was really crisp and the dressing was flavorful.  I ate the garlic knot with my salad and it went well wit the salad.  The Grandma slice of the day, was cheese pizza.  It ended up tasting even better than it looked.  The ingredients blended well together and I enjoyed the sauce with small chunks of roasted tomatoes in it.  The crust was extremely crispy, which is hard to get with a deep dish pizza.  My brother also let me try some of his pepperoni pizza The pepperoni was some of the spiciest I have ever had, but it was really good.
Slice of Pepperoni
We were in and out of Zoli's in less than twenty minutes.  If you are looking for a quick lunch in the Bishop Arts District, I recommend you pop into Zoli's.  The pizza is good and the service is super fast.  It looks like the Bishop Arts staple, Eno's, finally has some competition in the great pizza department!

Zoli's NY Pizza
Livin the Good Life Rating= 3

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