Thursday, March 6, 2014

Delaney's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Following church one day, the family and I decided we wanted to have breakfast for lunch.  We went through the names of our usual suspects, but decided we wanted to try a somewhere we haven't been before.  After trying to think of a place in McKinney where we had not dined, my wife reminded me that Delaney's Irish Pub  served breakfast on weekends.  Since the restaurant was close to the house, I started driving that direction.

As we were about to enter the restaurant, they had a sign up that said "Voted Best Breakfast in McKinney".  I am not sure what publication voted them the "Best Breakfast in McKinney, but it did serve to set the bar a little higher in the expectations department.  We were warmly greeted by the staff and they quickly set us up with a table and a high chair.  Our waitress was very attentive and  brought us out some very rich coffee while we were perusing the menu.  
One Of My Three Breakfast Dates
Delaney's menu offered most of the traditional breakfast items you would find at a breakfast joint, including several types of omelettes, pancakes, waffles, skillet breakfasts, French toast, etc.  Several of the items looked really good, but I ultimately chose the chicken and waffles.  It turns out that I made a great decision.  The waffles were semi-sweet with a great texture and the chicken strips on top were obviously hand-battered in house prior to going in the fryer.  After pouring a liberal amount of syrup on the chicken and waffles, I dug in and was impressed with their version of this Southern delicacy. This was unquestionably the best chicken and waffles I have had inside the city limits of McKinney.
Best Chicken and Waffles I Have Had In McKinney
My wife enjoyed her waffle combo with scrambled eggs and bacon.  Both of my daughters cleaned their plates of pancakes as well.  My oldest shared her bacon with me and it was crispy and flavorful.  Everyone in my family left Delaney's full and ready for a nap.
Kids Pancakes
I could really kick myself for never eating breakfast at Delaney's before this visit.  I have lived less than a half mile from this place since it opened.  We will certainly be going back to this place that is practically in my own backyard.  The service is outstanding and the breakfast is one of the top three that I have had in McKinney.  Next time, I might just walk to Delaney's to help burn the calories off on the walk home!

Delaney's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Livin the Good Life Rating =3

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