Thursday, March 20, 2014

Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3
Breakfast is my wife's favorite meal of the day.  I myself am not a "breakfast person", but I do make exceptions when I am with her and I don't have to make it myself.  While visiting Vegas, we noticed that Caesar's Palace had a Serendipity 3.  My wife is a huge fan of it's New York restaurant, so we decided to try out the Vegas location for breakfast.
Dining area of Serendipity 3
The Vegas location of Serendipity 3 is located in front of Caesar's Palace, just off Las Vegas Boulevard.  On the morning we dined at the restaurant, our internal clocks were still on Central Standard Time and we woke up around 7:00 a.m. (which from my vacationing experiences there, is very early by my standards).  We arrived right after they opened for they day and sat down to look at the menu.
Frozen Hot Chocolate
I am usually a fan of coffee in the morning, but I decided to forgo it on this occasion and split the frozen hot chocolate for two with my wife.  This was a drink that we had shared at the NYC location and we both really enjoyed it.  I was pleased that the frozen hot chocolate at the Vegas location was just as good as the one in New York.  The drink is quite large, but we managed to finish it off without any problem.
Cresentwich with breakfast potatoes
Since I was not super-hungry on this particular morning, I decided to just get the breakfast crescentwich with potatoes.  The cresentwich was very filling, but it would have been better with more bacon and less eggs.  The potatoes had excellent seasoning, but mine were slightly over-cooked.  My wife wife was also in the mood for a light breakfast and got the fruit platter with yogurt and granola.  She said she really liked her breakfast, but like myself, thought the frozen hot chocolate was the highlight of our visit.
Fruit platter with yogurt
Our breakfast at Serendipity hit the spot and gave us the needed kick start to a day of shopping for my wife and a day of gambling for myself.  The service was very good and the restaurant had a very casual feel to it.  Although it was a little pricey for my standards, it was pretty comparable to most other Vegas restaurants on the strip.  The frozen hot chocolate here is certainly worthy of a return trip.

Serendipity 3
Livin the Good Life Rating = 2

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