Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Slice

While in Austin, I had a craving for pizza one night around 10 p.m. Having skipped dinner due to eating a large lunch of barbecue, I finally started getting hungry again after nightfall.  Although I had never eaten there before, I knew that Home Slice Pizza had a take-out branch called More Home Slice next to their main building.  I had always heard good things about the pizza joint, but I had never eaten there and was looking forward to trying a couple of slices.
Pepperoni Pizza
I knew I would not be able to eat a whole pizza, so I chose to order by the slice.  On the night I visited, they had four different types of pizza they were offering by the slice.  I ended up ordering a slice of pepperoni and a slice of the white pie with spinach.  The pepperoni slice was a perfectly classic version of New York style pizza and I enjoyed every bite.  I don't normally order white pizza because of my love for red sauce, but I thoroughly enjoyed my slice of white pizza with spinach as well.
White Pie with Spinach
Home Slice is a local favorite in Austin and it is easy to see why.  The pizza is top notch and relatively inexpensive.  The restaurant has very quick service and I had pizza in hand within minutes of ordering it.  I anticipate that I will be hitting Home Slice again on my next visit to Austin.

Home Slice Pizza
Livin the Good Life Rating=3
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