Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Pub

On a recent Sunday, my family and I were looking for a quick meal after church.  My wife and I could not agree on any of our usual go-to restaurants, so we decided to try The Pub.  This bar and restaurant opened a few years ago, but this was our first visit here.
Bar and Dining Area
We arrived just as they were opening for the day, so we only shared the restaurant with a couple of die-hard soccer fans who were watching the World Cup game between Russia and Belgium.  For an appetizer, we chose the cheese board.  It came with several different varieties of cheese, smoked salmon, crackers, bread, sliced apples, and grapes.  The cheese board was very good and our family of four quickly devoured every item on the board.
Cheese Board
For my entree, I ordered the pub-style fish and chips.  The long pieces of beer battered cod was crispy on the ends, but were somewhat soggy in the middle.  Despite the soggy middles, the fish was flavorful.  The steak cut fries were pretty basic and similar to what you would expect with any order of fish and chips.
Fish and Chips
My wife ordered the Greek Salad.  She said it was a decent salad, but would have preferred her olives to be pitted.   The Pub also has a kids menu that has a few options for the little ones.   We ordered the fish and chips for one kid and the grilled cheese for the other.  The grilled cheese was eaten in it's entirety by my toddler, but my oldest only ate about half of her fish and chips because her fish was also soggy in the middle.
Greek Salad
If one is thirsty for some beverages made of hops and barley, The Pub has several local options on tap.  The food may not have been perfect on this visit, but it was still above average in the pub food department.  A table next to us ordered a delicious-looking burger and fries that I will be trying on my next visit.  This place would be a fun place to dine with friends or catch a game on one of their televisions, but it is also a kid friendly restaurant for lunch.  I liked the fact that the interior had an authentic "pub" feel to it and the menu had classic pub fare.  I enjoyed the visit enough to warrant a return trip to this restaurant.

The Pub
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