Thursday, August 15, 2013

Al Biernat's

My wife waiting to be seated.   She is quite possibly the only person I know who would coordinate her cast and nail color.
When looking over the restaurants for DFW Restaurant Week, there were several menus that sounded great.  Picking the right place is a very stressful experience for foodies during Restaurant Week.  Looking at the list, I saw several highly touted local restaurants.  While perusing the list, I began to empathize with those that have to judge the Ms. America contest or a woman picking out the engagement ring of her dreams.  It is really hard to just pick one restaurant from the amazing choices in front of you.

It literally took us two weeks to decide which restaurant we wanted for our night out.  After a lot of back and forth, we finally decided on Al Biernat's.  I had not been to this restaurant in several years and my wife had never been, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with this local favorite.  In addition participating in restaurant week, this restaurant was recently chosen as one of D Magazine's 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas.
Delicious Bread Basket
One of the reason's that we chose Al Biernat's is because they had a pretty extensive menu compared to other restaurants participating in DFW Restaurant Week.  My wife and I both started with the Caesar Salad.  The salad had very crisp romaine lettuce, a very flavorful dressing, and just the right amount of Parmesan cheese.
Caesar Salad
For my entree, I chose the beef tenderloin with red potatoes and green beans.  The beef tenderloin was cooked to perfection and was extremely tender.  It was topped with a port wine foie gras sauce that was absolutely delicious.  The green beans were very fresh and the buttery potatoes were outstanding.  My wife ordered  the sliced Texas Premium Wagyu-Angus steak.  She was very happy with her choice of entrees and I enjoyed the bite that she gave me.  
Beef Tenderloin with Al's Favorite Potatoes and Green Beans
Sliced Texas Premium Wagyu Steak with Amelia's Farm Tomato Bruschetta
For our final course, I chose the "old fashioned" chocolate cake and my wife chose the carrot cake.  The chocolate cake was good, but the icing tasted remarkably similar to the Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing, because I happen to relish that particular delicacy that can be found in the freezer section of your local supermarket.  My wife absolutely loved her carrot cake; so much so that she did not even offer to share a bite with me.  She claimed it was the best carrot cake she had ever tasted.  
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
I really enjoyed this visit to Al Biernat's.  All three courses were delicious, but the main course was definitely the most memorable. The place was extremely packed and was very loud, but it did not detract from the dining experience.  The service was absolutely top notch, despite the large crowd.  Al Biernat's absolutely gets a thumbs up and I left feeling like I had made the right choice for Restaurant Week!

Al Biernat's
Livin The Good Life Rating= 4
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