Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three Squares

This seems to be the summer of new restaurants in Frisco.  Of course with the growth the city is experiencing, I guess you could probably say that for the last twelve years.  Some work colleagues and I were wanting to go eat lunch somewhere new, so we decided to try Three Squares.  The restaurant recently opened up on July 4th in the Forest Park Medical Center area, which is just a short distance from Frisco Square.
Interesting use of books
The space is decorated in a very contemporary design.  They also have a very large covered patio area that would have been a very nice place to sit, had it not been July.  They serve breakfast lunch and dinner, hence the name.  This is a very causal dining experience.  Customers order at the counter, get your own drinks, and find a seat while waiting for your order to arrive.  
Kettle Chips and Salsa
For starters, I ordered the chips and smoky salsa.  Although they have many sandwiches and other items, I was really in the mood for a burger.  I ordered the Plain Jane burger and tater tots. The kettle chips and salsa were fantastic, but it was odd eating something other than tortilla chips with salsa.  The burgers came on a bun that is branded with the Three Squares logo.  It had a great chargrilled flavor, but was a little dry for my taste.  The tater tots were very light and crispy. One coworker ordered the ABC burger and said it was really good.  Another ordered the Honey I'm Home ham sandwich and absolutely loved it.
Plane Jane burger and Tots
By the time I finished my meal, I did end up having some serious entrée envy.  As I went to get some more water, I saw an order of the Potato Chip Crusted Mahi Mahi on a bed of jalapeno cheddar grits.  That menu item will certainly be ordered during my next visit.  Three Squares also had some great  sounding breakfast menu items such as the s'mores French toast and the Todo's Burrito.  All of us were pleased with Three Squares and happy to have another lunch place to add to our lunch rotation.

Three Squares
Livin the Good Life Rating = 3

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