Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kelly's at the Village

On a recent Sunday evening, my wife and I were very extremely tired; her from shopping and me from a stressful afternoon of following my fantasy football teams.  Neither of us wanted to cook, so we decided to go out for dinner. We didn't want to go to far, so we decided to venture to the Allen/Fairview area around Stacy Road.  I wanted to go somewhere that I could continue watching football, so we decided to give Kelly's at the Village a try.
Patio area at Kelly's at the Village
We had never been to this restaurant before, but we had dined at Kelly's other restaurant, Kelly's Eastside, in downtown Plano.  It was a nice evening, so we sat on the patio area.  They had a pretty decent selection of appetizers that included chips and queso.  Never being one to turn down this particular appetizer, we ordered chips and queso and added spicy beef.  The queso had excellent flavor and the spicy beef gave it a mild kick, but it was a little too runny for my particular tastes.
Chips and Queso with Spicy Beef
For my entree, I ordered the chicken fried steak with fries and dirty rice.  The chicken fried steak itself was fairly avererage.  The batter had a nice flavor, but it was somewhat tough and didn't come topped with much gravy.  The fries had a great seasoning to them, but were very chewy and made me think that they had been sitting out too long prior to being served.  The dirty rice is not something that I would usually order with chicken fried steak, but it had great flavor.  My only complaint was the fact that it was a little too dry and made me think that it too had been sitting out too long under a heat lamp prior to being served.  The meal was also served with cornbread which was flavorful, but somewhat cold.  
Chicken Fried Steak with Fries, Dirty Rice, and Cornbread
My wife ordered the grilled chicken club with cheese, bacon and avocado.  She said the it was delicious, but she also didn't care for the fries either.  My oldest daughter had the kids chicken fingers with fries and didn't seem to have any complaints.
Grilled Chicken Club 
Kids Chicken Tender Basket
Our first visit to Kelly's at the Village had mixed results.  Some items were really good, while other were less than desirable.  The service was decent and the patio areas was very comfortable with plenty of TVs for me to watch the game.  I would be willing to go back here again and try some other items.

Kelly's at the Village
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