Thursday, December 26, 2013

Urban Crust

Day 4 of Icepocalypse 2013 found me having a rare weekday off.  The roads in my neighborhood had all melted, so I decided to run a few errands.  My last errand of the day happened to be close to downtown Plano, so I decided to stop in and have a bite to eat at Urban Crust.  Urban Crust has been on my short list of pizza joints to try, so I took advantage of the opportunity and stopped in to grab a pizza for lunch.
The oven at Urban Crust
Reviews by critics have always been favorable for Urban Crust, so I had high expectations for this pizza joint.  The staff was extremely friendly and I was pleased to see that they had a lunch special that included an eight-inch one topping pizza, soup or salad, and a drink for $8.90.  It seemed like a good value, so I ordered a pepperoni pizza, Caesar salad, and an iced tea.
Caesar Salad
Within just a couple of minutes, I had my salad, tea, and some flatbread at my table.  The salad had a Caesar dressing that was very light and it was covered in large pieces of shaved Parmesan cheese.  The bread was served with a side of marinara sauce and an olive oil based dipping sauce that included several other herbs, chopped olives, and garlic.  The salad was good and the bread and dipping sauces were a nice surprise.
Bread and Dipping Sauces
My pepperoni pizza arrived just as I was finishing my salad and flatbread.  It was just the right size for a lunch that had already included a salad and bread.  The pepperoni was delicious, but the mozzarella may have been some of the best I have ever had on a pizza.  The crust was pretty typical of a wood-fired pizza joint, but it was cooked to perfection.
Pepperoni Pizza
I enjoyed my lunch at Urban Crust and will certainly go back again.  One would be hard pressed to find a better value for a lunch special, because it usually costs me more than $8.90 to get burger, fries, and drink at a fast food joint.  The service was outstanding at Urban Crust and the restaurant itself had a very homey feel to it.  While this place is not my absolute favorite DFW pizza joint, Urban Crust is certainly worthy of the praise it has received from DFW food critics.
Dining Area
Urban Crust
Livin the Good Life Rating = 3

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