Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lonestar Grill & Cantina

Lonestar Grill and Cantina in Fairfield, Texas
On a recent trip to Fairfield, Texas, my brother and I found ourselves looking for a place to eat dinner one night.  For a small town, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Fairfield, but we were looking for a place to sit down, relax, and watch some games.  The Lonestar Grill and Cantina was recommended as a place we could do those things, so we decided to give it a try.

We were both hungry, so we started off with the Grande Fried Cheese Sticks.  When they arrived, I immediately knew why their name started with the word Grande.  They were the same length as your typical cheese stick, but were at least twice as big in diameter.  The cheese sticks had a very crunchy batter as well and the cheese was piping hot with each bite.  For the dipping sauces, I preferred the marinara to the ranch dressing, but the marinara was cold and it would have been better served warm.
Some Chubby Cheese Sticks
For my entree, I chose The Dude, which was a 10 oz. center cut sirloin.  My brother ordered the same steak medium rare and we both chose the same sides: fries and mac & cheese.  I don't generally eat sir sirloins, but I was on a budget and had to forgo my usual ribeye or filet mignon.  The sirloin at Lonestar Grill and Cantina was better than I expected.  It was tender, lightly seasoned, and cooked to specifications.  As good as the steak was, the sides were disappointing.  The mac & cheese lacked any semblance of cheese flavor and the fries were cold.  The meal was also served with a cheese biscuit that had good flavor, but was rather dry.
10 oz. Sirloin with Two Sides
They had several dessert options, but I was stuffed after eating the huge cheese sticks and the sirloin.  The food was hit and miss, but the service was great.  If you are looking for a place to kick back and watch a game on television while you eat, this is a good place to do so.  They have plenty of TVs in the bar area, which is where the majority of patrons were sitting on the night we dined at Lonestar Grill and Cantina.  Maybe next time, I will not be on a budget and I can try one of the ribeyes that I kept eyeing at the table next to us.

Lonestar Grill & Cantina
Livin the Good Life Rating= 2

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