Sunday, May 26, 2013

Haystack Burgers and Barley

Haystack Burgers & Barley opened up in Richardson a couple of weeks ago.  When I first read an article about this burger joint, I  was intrigued by this restaurant and one particular item on the menu.  I also thought, “Does DFW really need another burger joint?”  I was in the area one day following a trip to Dallas, so I stopped in and grabbed a bite to eat.
The menu item that intrigued me so much was the Chicken Fried Burger with jalapeno-bacon gravy.  For those that regularly follow my blog, you know the fastest way to my heart is to deep-fry something.   The idea of a fried hamburger is enough to send my heart into palpitations, but then this place wants to go over the top and add jalapeno-bacon gravy?  As I waited in line to order the burger, I felt like a young man about to go on his first date.  I nervously ordered the burger along with an order of the fresh cut fries and the haystack onions.
Chicken Fried Burger with jalapeno-bacon gravy
Inside the chicken fried burger
After a short wait, my burger and sides arrived.  The chicken fried burger was very good, but it was a little messy and I had to eat it with a fork.  The bun had a sweet flavor to it that was a nice pairing with the gravy.  The fries were better than average and I was particularly fond of the house-made chipotle ketchup.  As good as the burger was, the real winner here was the side of haystack onions.  They were perfectly seasoned and had a delicious crispy batter.  I am not sure what ingredients were in the dipping sauce the onions were served with, but it was tasty and had a nice kick to it.  All this delicious grub was washed down with pineapple-lemon-orange iced tea.  Although somewhat unusual tasting, it was very refreshing.
The fresh cut fries were terrific
I was a big fan of the haystack onions!
I really liked Haystack Burgers and Barley and I would come back here for the haystack onions alone.  The burger I had was good, but I am curious as to how the other burgers taste.  If the idea of a fried burger does not appeal to you, they have several other menu options available that looked great as well.

Haystack Burgers and Barley
Livin the Good Life Rating=3

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