Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ye Ole Butcher Shop

This past Saturday, I was in East Plano running some errands around lunchtime.  Looking for a place to grab lunch, I ran across Ye Ole Butcher Shop and decided to stop.  I have passed by this establishment several times, but I have never bothered to stop and grab a bite to eat.  Ye Ole Butcher Shop is an actual butcher shop, but they also have a kitchen and restaurant as well.
Inside the butcher shop.
The staff is extremely friendly and several people greeted me as I entered the establishment.  After looking at the menu board, I decided to order the buffalo burger with cheese and an order of fries.  After a short wait, they called out my number and I picked up my order.  The bun was perfectly toasted and the buffalo burger was very tasty and juicy.  Since buffalo is a lean red meat, buffalo burgers are often dry.  That was not the case with this one.  The fries were pretty average and I had to add a lot of salt to season them.
Buffalo Cheeseburger
Perfectly toasted bun and juicy buffalo burger.
Not bad, but needed extra seasoning.
While at the counter ordering my lunch, I happened to notice that they also had homemade fried pies.  Fried pies combine two of my favorite things; fried and pie.  They had several varieties on this day, including chocolate, coconut, apple, cherry, and pecan.  I wanted to order one of each, but I settled on the pecan and was very happy with my choice.  In addition to have pecan pie filling, it also had powdered sugar sprinkled on top. 
Fried pecan pie!
If I didn’t have other things I had to do that afternoon, I would have taken advantage of some of the meat specials as well.  The meat here looked to be far superior to what I usually see in grocery stores and it was cheaper as well.  I was very pleased that I stopped to eat here.  Although the fries were somewhat disappointing (I will get the sweet potato tater tots next time), the buffalo burger and fried pie were great.  Ye Ole Butcher Shop get a 7 on my 10-point scale and I will be going back here next time  I am in the neighborhood.

Ye Ole Butcher Shop
Livin The Good Life Rating=3

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