Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Slow Bone

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is a barbecue restaurant and not an illicit film from the 80s.  The Slow Bone is the new barbecue restaurant opened by Jack Perkins, owner of Maple & Motor.  This restaurant was supposed to open in February, but the opening was delayed until April 16th.  Having recently fallen in love with Maple & Motor, I put this place at the top of my list of restaurants that I wanted to try.  The idea of a barbecue restaurant came to Mr. Perkins after he took the prize for Best Brisket at Meat Fight 2012, which was a contest that a dozen of the best chefs and cooks in Dallas competed in to see who made the best BBQ.
The Trophy Case
This past weekend, I made my way down to the Design District and met my brother at The Slow Bone.  My brother, who we will call Judas for the sake of this blog, actually ate at The Slow Bone on opening day.  As soon as you enter the restaurant, there is a cafeteria style line where you can choose your meats, hot sides, cold sides, and bread (either corn bread or hush puppies).  I ordered the brisket, the St. Louis style ribs, and the "Old Time" Sausage.  For sides, I got beans, fried okra, and hush puppies.  The brisket and ribs were absolutely fantastic.  Lots of bark on the brisket and the ribs had a fantastic rub that was sweet, with a hint of spicy.  The sausage wasn't particularly impressive, but it wasn't bad either.  It just paled in comparison to the brisket and ribs.  The beans and hush puppies were good, but the fried okra was perfect.  It was some of the best fried okra I have ever had.  My brother also let me try a piece of his pork loin, which was good as well.  To aid in digestion, I got the apple-mint iced tea, which was very refreshing.
My tray
My brother's tray.  He has never been one to waste stomach space on such trivial things as vegetables.
I will be going back to The Slow Bone to eat.  Although disappointed with the sausage and the barbecue sauce (which wasn't needed for the brisket and ribs), the brisket, ribs, and okra will have me coming back.  The Slow Bone gets a 8 on my 10-point scale.  I would not consider this place a top tier barbecue joint like Pecan Lodge, but it was still very good.  Right now, I would prefer to go to the Slow Bone because the lines are much shorter (at least for now).  Before I left, I made sure I got a pound of brisket and a half-rack of ribs to go so I could enjoy some good barbecue for the rest of the week.

The Slow Bone
Livin The Good Life Rating=4

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