Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seagrove Village Market Cafe

While vacationing with my wife's family in Florida, my two brother-in-laws visited a place in Seagrove Beach that they said had the best po' boy they have ever had.  The place was called Seagrove Village Market Cafe and they had a grouper sandwich that they said was amazing.  In fact, Garden and Gun Magazine claimed their grouper sandwich was one of the 100 Southern Foods You Must Eat Before You Die.  Although I have never heard of the magazine before, I assumed it had to be credible because it combined two of America's favorite things; food and firearms.  If that isn't a high enough endorsement for you, the cafe has also been featured in Southern Living,  Travel + Leisure, and Coastal Living.  
Entrance to the Cafe 
My wife and her mom
The restaurant has been around since 1949, which makes it one of the oldest restaurants in the area.  The place certainly lived up to they hype of my brother-in-laws and we actually ate here twice.  After sampling the fare, I regret that I did not eat here a third or fourth time during our visit.  During our first visit, I ordered the blackened grouper po'boy and it truly was the best po'boy I have ever had.  It was perfectly blackened and served on a bun with horseradish spiced cole slaw.  It was served with some very good fries, but they played second fiddle to this great sandwich.  This sandwich was slap-ya-momma good.  My wife got the blackened shrimp po' boy.  She let me have a bite and it was very good, but not as good as the grouper.  I also ordered a side of hush puppies, which were some of the best I have ever had.
Blackened Grouper Po' Boy-Best Po' Boy I have ever had
Blackened Shrimp Po' Boy
During a second visit, my wife got the the blackened grouper po' boy and I got the fried grouper basket with fries and slaw.  The fried grouper was some of the best fried fish I have ever had, but it paled in comparison to the grouper po' boy.  The fish was very light, with a flavorful and crispy batter.
Fried Grouper Basket
Some fantastic hushpuppies
This place was very busy during each of our visits, but the food is quickly served and you can be eating your food within 5-10 minutes.  The menu is pretty basic, but the items they have are fantastic.  My wife and I even joked that it would be worth the 12 1/2 hour drive just to eat this sandwich again.  

Seagrove Village Market Cafe
3004 Highway 395
Seagrove Beach Florida
Livin the Good Life Rating = 5
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