Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bread Winners

This past weekend, my mother came to visit and watch my oldest daughter perform in her first dance recital.  After picking her up from Love Field, we met my wife and kids for breakfast.  Our breakfast destination of choice on this day was Bread Winners in Plano.  Bread Winners is a place where we used to dine several times a year, but hadn't visited recently.  It had been well over a year since our last visit, and we decided that was way too long.  In addition to the Plano location, they also have three locations in Dallas.  One of the reasons we like this place so much is because they have excellent house coffee and a nice selection of breakfast breads that are given to each table while guests await their orders.
Enjoying some patio dining with my mom.
Complimentary selection of breakfast breads
There are several breakfast items that I really like at Bread Winners, but two of my favorites are the breakfast burrito and the chicken fried steak and eggs.  The breakfast burrito is affectionately called the "big as yo face" burrito by my wife and easily ways over a pound.  That is a lot of eggs, potatoes, chorizo, and cheese rolled in a tortilla.  This menu item is not for the faint of heart or people who suffer from IBS.  Since I wasn't terribly hungry, I chose the Farmhouse tacos and breakfast potatoes.  The farmhouse tacos are made with eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes, onions, and jalapeno bacon.  It was heavy on the cheese and was absolutely delicious, but the breakfast potatoes were not as good as the usually were.  My wife got the migas and my mother got the basic breakfast.  Both really enjoyed their meals as well.
Farmhouse Tacos
Although most of the places I review on this blog are places I am trying for the first time, it is also nice to visit old favorites as well.  I have never had a bad meal at Bread Winners, and this visit was no exception.  We had a very nice morning to eat on the patio and the service was great.  I give Bread Winners a 4 on my 5-point scale.  We will not wait another year before our next visit!

Bread Winners
Livin the Good Life Rating =4

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